MAM/PAMM Social Trading PlatformA copy-trading platform fully integrated with MetaTrader 5

YallaFX’s full-fledged MAM/PAMM platform has been designed with a complete set of features and elements professional traders (Money Managers) may require when it comes to managing multiple investor accounts (Slaves).

Using our intuitive social platform, Money Managers can trade across an unlimited number of trading accounts simultaneously from a single interface, whilst getting greater flexibility to allocate the trades and adjust the risk of each sub-account based on the clients’ profiles.

Copy trading platform for professional fund managers

Money Managers can create countless strategies with our wide range of allocation methods. Additionally, MAM/PAMM module entertains social trading functionalities with Trade Copy & Signals, whereby trades placed by signal providers can be copied by other traders using the auto-copy function.

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Key Features

  • Trade simultaneously across MT5 platform
  • Real-time performance statistics
  • In-depth trade analysis
  • Agile Execution
  • Trade Copy and Signals
  • Instant allocation to sub-accounts
  • ELS, BLS, ECS, Percentage, Fixed allocation
  • EV, Multiplier, % of equity and more
  • Partial close of orders by Master account
  • Automatic email notifications

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