Forex TradingTrade the world’s biggest financial exchange market

With a trade volume of over $4 trillion a day, exceeding any exchange based market, the currency exchange market is the largest and most liquid single trading market in the world, open 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Currencies trading involves the buying or selling of one currency pair in return of another, predicting that the price movements will rise or fall against another. Forex currencies are always traded in pairs, like the Euro against the US Dollar (EUR/USD).

Forex currencies are always traded in pairs which are categorized in three types; Majors, Minors and Exotics. Major currency pairs are the most common and volatile form which always include the US dollar as one half of the pair. Instances include the USD/CAD and the GBP/USD.

Even though the Exotics are not extensively traded as the Majors and Minors, still YallaFX offers them for trading. Exotic pairs contain a major currency pair combined with the currency of an evolving economy market, for instance USD/NOK and the USD/ZAR.

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